Monday, January 28, 2019

How to shop at Repurposed Threads

        Hey yall! I finally found a way to both keep my prices low AND set up a quick-click way to purchase our monthly bow subscription, over on the right side bar. We also now have multiple ways you can purchase our products. We have people on lots of different platforms, so juggling between all of you and the respectful platforms was counterproductive. I would do a bow purge on Facebook, and before I could even post the first picture on Instagram every single bow would have sold. By the time I listed something on Instagram, everything was claimed via PM before those on Facebook had a shot. So, we now have a Facebook, an Instagram, an Etsy, and of course this blog.  Social media for sharing our promotions, giveaways, and products, and Etsy, Facebook Shop, and this blog to shop. I can schedule the listings to all go live at the same time and this way, everyone has a fair chance. 
Let's break it down for ya:

For giveaways, promotions, real life pictures, fan shares:  Check us out on Instagram or Facebook

To shop, we have a Facebook shop, an Etsy store, and our monthly bow subscription (right side bar) directly set up with Paypal. We are going to keep all three for now, but we may narrow it down in the future. Etsy is updated the least because of the fees, but if you have an Etsy gift card that you wish to redeem on any of our bows or clothes, just let us know and we will set up a listing for you so you can redeem it! As always, thank you for supporting small business. You all have been wonderful.

Mention this post in the comments section of your order, or via PM, and we'll add a free bow in your next order as a thank you for being an email subscriber!