Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Zulily Steals! Aden + Anais, Hudson Baby, Organic Woven Wraps, and more! [week of 1/18]

I honestly used to think Zulily was pretty lame, and nothing was really a good deal. Everything was advertised like it was half off, but I would know the true advertised store price because I would have just bought the same item at a store or offline...and it was usually the exact same, or less. So where's the deal?  Well, I think Zulily has caught on to customers knowing that, and they've finally started posting some real deals!
Here are some of my favorite and real steals this week. The first will have a link to the item and all related items, followed by other products offered by the same company. Just click the first link and it'll direct you to any that are below it :)
Unfortunately, many of the Aden + Anais have sold out, because well, these are actually discounted for a change! So, if you see anything be sure to buy it ASAP!
***ENDS IN 11 HOURS***

Captain Silly Pants
(organic, modern geometric swaddles)

48"x48" Black Geometric Cascade Organic Swaddling Blanket Set
$21.99 (reg $38)

credit: zulily.com

More Captain Silly Pants swaddles available for $21.99

credit: zulily.com

credit: zulily.com
(We bought this set!! LOVE!)

credit: zulily.com

Aden + Anais (my favorite!)

credit: zulily.com

Mod About Baby bibs 3 pk 
$11.99 (reg $20)
(We got these too :)  )

credit: zulily.com
Splish Splash Hooded Towel and Washcloth set
$16.99 (reg $32)

credit: zulily.com
Bathing beauty hooded towel and washcloth set
$16.99 (reg $32)
 (AND this too.. if its A+ A, we probably ordered it LOL)

UPDATED! These are now sold out. Sorry guys, I warned you!
And yes, we snagged one of each too LOL!

Night Sky 3pk, $11.99

Lovely Ellie, 3 pk $11.99

Hudson Baby

Sorry, all the other designs sold out almost immediately!
credit: zulily.com

Vintage Airplanes
$22.99 (reg $40)

Bebe au Lait

credit: zulily.com

Piper + Tea Rose 4-layer Muslin Snuggle Blanket
(like A+A dreams)
$29.99 (reg $40)

credit: zulily.com
Monroe Petit Wet + Dry Bag
$9.99 (reg $14.99)

credit: zulily.com
Chateau Silver Grand Wet + Dry Bag
$12 (reg $20)

(We have one of these in the car at any time! Even though our son has been potty trained fully, both day and night for over a year now, he's still suuuuuper messy with food so these are handy! We keep a spare outfit inside, and if he gets what he's wearing messy, we switch them out)

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