Monday, May 4, 2015

Going Reusable One Product at a Time: Sunsella Silicone Cupcake Liners Review!

Disclaimer: I have received free product to review, but all comments and opinions are my own. I only recommend products I believe would truly be of interest and a good fit for my readers.

We've always been huge fans of all things reusable, 'green', or 'less' in the artificial ingredients and toxins department, so we've started a new routine of taking one item a week and replacing it with something better for ourselves or the environment.  We've had great success so far with our our coffee creamer, reusable 'swiffer' dusters, and even reusable coffee filters I sewn from muslin.  This week, we chose silicone cupcake liners because we've been encouraging portion control (which lets face it, is all out of whack in the great U.S. of A.), sensory play, and fun bento lunches.  There's a million to choose from nowadays and I really wanted some that were true to color.  I've had a few friends receive various brands and were disappointed when their colors fell flat, so after some research I stumbled upon the vibrant Sunsella Little Gems and crossed my fingers I found a winner.  Just look at those colors!!

It didn't take long for Buddy Doo to fall absolutely in love with them.  As a toddler, he loves sorting everything he touches; adding a pouch of gummy snacks to the liners kept him busy long enough for mommy to actually finish her coffee while it was still warm - a huge win in my book!  It amazes me what toddlers find fun and intriguing; He stacked and unstacked, sorted the gummies by color with their matching liner, played with the table apples, and then matched the liners themselves. We chose them for portion control in our lunches and snacks, and for cooking our different favorites (like homemade blueberry muffins or meatloaf and mashed potato muffins!), but the way he was having fun you would've thought they were intended as another toy.
I wish I would have thought to snatch a picture of our lunch date at the park as these little gems truly sparkled against the stainless steel of our PlanetBox bento lunchboxes. Even though our bentos had separate containers and the little gems weren't entirely necessary to separate the food, I love adding them because their color adds that little something that make homemade lunches a little more cheery.

We love these and are so glad we tried them.  They're so versatile, and clean up is a breeze! We make a lot of food from scratch to cut back on waste, so it just makes sense to redo the tools we cook with as well.  

More about Sunsella Little Gems:

Make healthier, low fat baking with no more sprays, greasing or oiling required!

No more mess or waste, your baking will pop right out with professional looking crinkled edges. 
Do away with food sticking to paper and aluminium baking cups and cupcake liners.

No More Throwaway Paper or Foil Muffin Cups!!!

Other benefits of Sunsella Little Gems include...
- Evenly distributes heat for perfect moist baking
- Dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe 
- Reusuable and durable
- Space-saving stacking
- Fun and vibrant colors
- Easy to clean
- Resists stains and odors 
- Many other uses beyond baking
- Meets FDA standards and BPA free
- High quality silicone with no nasty fillers

Use as food dividers in kids lunches (bento lunch boxes) eliminating the need for 
separate plastic bags to divide and contain food. Also great for controlling serving sizes.

Our baking cups can also be used for...
- Food dividers in kids lunches (bento boxes)
- Portion control
- Making frozen treats
- Making gelatine
- Fun and colorful desserts
- Teething infants
- Fill with treats at kids parties
- Art projects and creative displays
- The options are endless!

BUY IT:  Right now you can grab your own set of liners for 20% off at Amazon with coupon code: JJORSB8D
That makes them only $6.40 shipped if you have Prime :)

Disclaimer: I have received free product to review, but all comments and opinions are my own. I only recommend products I believe would be good for my readers.
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