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Have Children Rear-Facing in Their Carseats? Keep Them Cool While You Travel With the Solar-Powered Kulcar Car Cooling Ventilator!

I'm pretty sure I've been introduced to one of the neatest accessories you'll ever add to your car.  After reading more about it online, I became giddy with excitement to get it in the mail.  Its one of those neat gadgets you never knew you needed because, well, you didn't know it existed.  Now that you do though, you want to know everything about it (and get your hands on one!).  They're becoming standard in leading luxury car brands' newer model cars and now you get your own for a very affordable price.

So what is Kulcar? Here's some information directly from Sonray's website:
  •  Patented design, internationally registered 
  • Made In Taiwan
  • Kulcar solar powered car ventilator is equipped with 5V high-efficacy solar cell
  • Twin turbo fans, each with 17.3cfm capacity
  • 90sec total air replacement for average car 
  • Reduce fuel consumption 
  • Reduce hazardous fumes emitting from plastics under high heat
  • Added comfort to passengers
  • Maintains car interior in like-new condition
  • Kulcar solar-powered car ventilator's pivotal design allows for easy installation and storage
I've lived in Louisiana the majority of my life, and while I've traveled to countries around the world I still say Louisiana has the most extreme temperatures from where I've been.  By extreme I'm not saying it gets -32 degrees here; by extreme I mean it can snow in April, be 80 degrees and then 33 degrees in the same week in December, etc.  We somehow manage to have both incredibly hot summer temperatures of 105+ WITH 100% humidity (translation= feels like 130 degrees.  Hot, muggy, thick (like walking around in hot jello). ).  So, entering a hot car is one of those dreaded certainties.  I'm glad to learn it won't be in my future anymore! Learn more about the Solar-Powered Kulcar Car Cooling Ventilator and why hot cars don't have to be a part of your future either!  

The Kulcar solar-powered car cooling ventilator came in a nice little box where the directions and parts list were conveniently printed on the inner cover.  As you can see, all the parts are together upon arrival and there's no annoying small parts to worry about.  The only parts are literally the Kulcar main piece and the two pieces that help attach it securely to your car's window.  As a result, its super easy to install and doesn't require batteries (its solar-powered!) or tools.  I don't know about you all, but these are two huge deal-makers or breakers when it comes to products we buy.  Living in Louisiana, we need to be prepared for natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes.  Unfortunately, they happen all too often and many times we're left without power for days, weeks even (longest we've ever been without was six weeks for all power; some power returned after two weeks).  Having something that can both provide a cool environment in case something should happen and doesn't drain, or even require, batteries is pretty amazing.

Quick Installation in four steps!

The Kulcar is designed to cool the interior temperature of your car quickly and even filters the air inside.  What, wait?  Yup, read that sentence again: the Kulcar is designed to cool the interior of your car quickly and even filters the air inside.  It seems like I'm always reading about how the air inside our homes and vehicles is actually more toxic than the air outside, so I'm ecstatic about the added filtration!  The twin turbo fans give off a lot more power than I ever expected them to (check out the video below to see them in action!) and its honestly not as bulky or heavy as I thought it would be.  When I first pulled it out of the box I thought it would be something that would fall right off my window while going down the interstate and cause some sort of  crazy, dramatic damage or flat tire to the vehicle behind me, but the 'heavy'not-really-heavy turbo fan side actually faces inwards and prevents this.  The solar-panel lays flat when not in use (middle picture) and is conveniently out of the way.  It only protrudes a couple of inches when in use though, so its never been a problem.  I do get a lot of questions about it when getting in or out of my car, but the responses are usually of awe and excitement. 

For more information about how dangerous heat can be both to your vehicle and to your health, check out Sonray's website and these quick facts:
  • The temperature inside a sealed car under blazing sun can quickly exceed 89~90 degree Celsius. (THAT'S 194 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT!)
  • When the temperature exceeds 65 degrees Celsius, harmful fumes like methyl, acrolein, butanone, toluene, benzene, propyl benzine,etc.,are released from a car's interior materials and contents.  These compounds are all known to be cancer causing poisonous chemicals.
  • Careful testing has proven that the TVOC level of these compounds can exceed 12 times the cancer causing hazardous warning level when a car is parked under a blazing sun for only one hour.
  • Cancers of unidentifiable origin have been the top killer for 31 consecutive years.
  • Volvo, a world leader in car safety.(Car air cleaner than outside the car!) has ensured that all new cars are equipped with the CZIP system as of 2013. When a car is parked under the sun, the CZIP system automatically pumps out the hot and hazardous air inside the car prior to the driver entering.Leading car makers are now concerned with not only driver safety,but also passenger health and safety.(Car environment to create non-toxic)

You can purchase the Kulcar Solar-Powered Car Cooling Ventilator and keep your car cool and inviting all year long for only $89 (save $40 for a limited time!!) !  Its a great investment both for your own comfort and for preserving the interior of your car longer against the harsh heat.  It keeps the interior cool during the warmer parts of the year to provide much needed comfort to you and your passengers.  Since it also filters the air inside your car, the Kulcar is a great addition to any vehicle and can be used in any climate.  While I honestly recommend this product to anyone, I highly recommend it to those with children rear-facing in their carseats or live in warmer climates.  We're already enjoying ours and the fresher air we breathe; we can't wait to try it out in  the hottest part of the summer!

Want to see it in action? Check out my video below! You'll see how I installed it in my 2008 Nissan Sentra and just how quick and powerful the turbo fans are.  I'm not that great on camera though, so don't laugh :)

Check out the powerful turbo fans and how the solar panel can be adjusted to the sun's position for optimal performance in my video!

Kulcar Solar-Powered Car Cooling Ventilator

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