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Invest Your Tax Refund in Something the Family Can Enjoy all Summer! Magic Castle Bounce House Review

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Its tax season and you know what that means: tax refunds!  Typically, this is when you see people blowing through their refund checks on perishable items, trying to show off on social media about expensive places they're enjoying (when just the week before they were complaining on said social media about how broke they were until payday), or splurging on wants instead of needs.  Some are responsible and pay off some debts, pay future payments, or stow it away in savings, but what we rarely see is people actually thinking beyond that initial excitement of having an extra 'paycheck' at this time of year and looking into future investments.  Come summer, kids are out of school, its hot, and all the fun play centers us stay-at-home-moms once enjoyed with our kiddos peacefully are now overrun, still hot, and quite.....loud.

What most of us tend to forget about -until its time to coordinate a birthday party- is just how fun bounce houses and inflatables really are.  Heck, they are the go-to source for home birthday shenanigans right?  I know every time we go to a birthday party where they rented a bounce house or water slide inflatable, the parents lean in and swear they could have bought their own bounce house at the rate the rental costed them.  Well, why don't we?  For the majority of middle-class to low-income families, its not within our budget.  We know that.  That's why we still rent the bounce houses every year, and continue to say the same lines about buying our own.  How about we actually remember this tax season that we can buy our own with that extra 'paycheck' and affordable prices at Blast Zone!  Did you know Blast Zone's Magic Castle Bounce House is on sale right now for only $229.09 PLUS free shipping on Amazon?  That's about the same cost as a one-day rental (if not less) in our neck of the woods! Considering you'll be bringing the entertainment to your house this summer and all the times you'll use it, it'll pay for itself in no time.

So, let's talk about why your toddler needs a Magic Castle Bounce House in their playdates:

1. Its size is ideal for both indoor and outdoor fun!
2. Its large enough to hold up to 300 lbs or 3 bouncing kiddos
3. Fun touches like the spires at each point and primary colors make it versatile for every occasion
4. You can bounce with balls!  Wear the kiddos' energy out
5. In comparison to its size, its quite portable and easy to travel with

We are extremely impressed with our first experience with Blast Zone and bounce houses. The customer service was fast and friendly, and it arrived at our door a good week earlier than expected! The Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer measures 8.5' W x 11' L x 8' H and holds 3 kids or up to 300 lbs.  This was the perfect size for our needs because our son is an 18 month old toddler, but when we go on our playdates our friends' kids are 6, 3, and 21 months.  This can accommodate all of them (with one swapping out of course) and the weather won't stop the fun with its versatile indoor/outdoor use.  For indoors, you can purchase the sand bags for added stability, for outdoors the stakes are included.  You can even add play balls when you order for more fun!

The fun touches with the castle-themed Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer like the banners and spires make this a great investment for future birthday parties and special occasions.  Since its for the kids, the red, yellow, and blue primary colors blend well for both girly or boyish parties, as well as other occasions where kids will want to be preoccupied like reunions, thanksgiving, and fourth of July parties.

While you should always supervise any occupants in the bouncer, the safety netting on all four sides brings me peace of mind that we won't have any accidents with our tumbling-prone toddlers.  There are strong velcro patches that go vertically along the entrance to connect the ends of the safety net; its strong enough to prevent falls when secured, yet easily detachable when wanting to enter or exit the bouncer.

There's double and quadruple stitching, as well as commercial grade vinyl, so you can be assured your investment will last.  Another thing I have to commend Blast Zone on is that their stakes are flat on the top and can be pushed all the way down to prevent tripping over when walking around the bouncer's exterior.  I can't tell you how many toes I've smashed running into other rental's stakes in the past!  The loop that the stake secures also works to pull up any stakes that may have been pushed to far down to get with your bare hands too which is a double plus.

My favorite part: probably how fast it sets up and can be taken down.  When you have a little one tugging at your leg to get it set up, the sooner the party gets started the better.  Leisurely, it probably took me a total of 5 minutes (give or take) to set up from in the bag to ready to hop!  That's laying it out, placing the stakes, attaching and turning on the UL listed blower....everything.  When purchasing something this size, you always need to take into consideration how long or how much of a hassle it would be to take it down as well.  Buddy Doo has some other toys that have to be set up and taken down every time he plays with them and since they take so long to properly set up/take down, we rarely play with them at all.  Its just more trouble than its worth.  We play with the Magic Castle practically every day!  The quick release deflates it completely in just a couple minutes.  This has proved itself valuable twice already with the moody weather; as soon as it starts to sprinkle, we can deflate, pack up, and move it all inside without tracking in any rainwater or mud with us!

Here's a quick video of just quickly it inflates

It also comes with its own carrying case so you can bring it along to all the fun playdates!  Portable and easily stows away in your trunk for travel.  A hamper doubles as an easy storage solution when you add the play balls to your order too!

BUY IT: For a very limited time, you can purchase the Magic Castle Bounce House on Amazon for only $229.09, on sale from $350! PLUS, that includes free shipping! Can't beat that.

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