Sunday, September 29, 2013

The BIG One with Timi & Leslie! {Review + Giveaway!}

Our The BIG One! First birthday event is almost over and its time to celebrate you lovely mommas!  Not only is it your little's birthday, one year ago you also became a mother.  Today we're celebrating YOU and your labor of love with Timi & Leslie!!

A woman can never have too many purses!  When it comes to diaper bags though, you're not just looking for a bunch of different ones to coordinate with different outfits, you're looking for the perfect one that keeps you organized, holds everything you suddenly need in this adventure in mommyhood, is durable, and looks good to boot!  I've gone through a good four or five diaper bags before finding that 'one' for me: the Timi & Leslie Abby Espresso!

. This is the best diaper bag I've come across. Period. I just love absolutely everything about it and believe it to be the perfect gift for know, as a 'treat' for surviving the first year.  And after having far too much baby vomit and pee on every part of your body.  Buddy Doo is a toddler now which roughly translates to I don't pack everything but the kitchen sink anymore, but I feel like even if I did this bag would hold its own.

 (after said incidents)

The three things I base my judgment on when it comes to diaper bags are: durability, organization/easily accessible, and of course appeal.  Buddy Doo was more than willing to test out the durability factor for me with a spilled apple juice during a park outing, a half-eaten apple he just had to save for later, and of course....the dreaded somewhat chewed, drooled on string cheese hidden under a pocket when I left my purse in the car overnight in almost 100 degree Louisiana heat. Yes, that really happened.  And you know what? It wasn't that hard to clean either.  In the case of the apple juice it took a towel or two, but I just simply turned the inside out and wiped it all down with soap and warm water then left it out to dry.  The entire inside is lined with water resistant fabric, outer is easy to clean faux leather, and its all PVC free!  No stains, no stench, no chalklines around the crime scene.  Can you say that about your diaper bag?  I'll admit I've thrown a diaper bag out because it forever smelled like moldy cheese and milk. Durability: check.

Now, what about when you have a fussbucket on your hands and you can't find that teether since you left your treasure map at home?  A diaper bag is only as good as its ability to find what you need one-handed, right?  The Abby has seven exterior pockets and six interior pockets and includes a key fob!  Two of the interior pockets are perfect for diapers and spare clothes.  We cloth diaper and can easily put two diapers in one pocket and a spare or two of clothes in the other. There are two interior pockets on the ends of the bag that are also the perfect size for a bottle or sippy; the insulated bottle holder fits inside the pocket all nice and neat too. There's a zippered pocket opposite of the two clothes/diaper pockets that we honestly don't use often, but its great for keep pens or make up together and separate from the rest.  Underneath, there's a roomy latched pocket where the changing pat and zippered sack fit perfectly.  We have a travel wipes case that we tuck in there as well. This leaves plenty of room for that 'catch-all' space in the middle for toys or spare diapers while leaving a specific spot for the important things!

Not going to lie, I doubt I'll ever use all of the seven exterior pockets but the added brass accents from them sure look stylish!  There's a magnetic pocket/pouch on the front that keeps my wallet within reach at all times.  I love that this pocket is magnetic.  It seems like Buddy Doo has one are preoccupied for whatever reason when its time to check out, and being able to still grab my wallet and pay makes things a lot easier.  On the opposite side, theres another zippered pocket that works well as our 'mommy/adult' pocket.  It currently holds our checkbook, mirror, headphones, spare pen, and my eos.

On the sides there are two pouches that I'm obsessed with.  There's a zipper pocket on both of these pouch pockets but in all honesty I'll never use them.  They add to the overall appeal though so I'm certainly glad they're there, they're just useless.  The pouch pockets though make the perfect 'easy grab' stations for diaper changes and traveling.  I typically keep our CJ's BUTTer spritz, pocket hand sanitizer, exederm flare control cream, and dapple multipurpose wipes in one and a planetwise snack bag, Buddy Doo's comb, and a Peter Rabbit Organic food pouch in the other.  When I'm not taking the stroller with us, the side pouch pockets are roomy enough to stow my phone and sunglasses as well.  Confession: before, I've always sort of organized my diaper bags 'on-the-go' and in a different order every time.  This confused the hell out of my husband when I asked for something and just added frustration during rush-hour traffic tantrums.  A lot of thought went into this diaper's structure and my sanity thanks Timi & Leslie.  Now, I pack it the same way every time because it works.

(photo courtesy of Timi & Leslie's website.  I tried taking a picture with the handbag, but gosh it looked corny.  She rocks it so much better!)

You don't want to be toting something you're ashamed of, so all of the above means nothing if the bag was hideous.  Good news! Its NOT.  Its gorgeous.  It has this beautiful pebble like texture in the faux leather and the gold brass hardware bring out the gold tones throughout the bronze color.  Pictures don't do it justice, its absolutely beautiful in person and I'm frequently stopped and complimented on it.  The only thing I dislike about it is that it doesn't have something on the bottom to protect it for those rare instances I'm tempted to put it somewhere so I can use the bathroom or free my hands.  The adjustable cross-body has been my solution for this so far, so I can't complain too much :) This bag is the bees knees!

For that cherry on top, Timi & Leslie include a bunch of accessories with their diaper bags!  With the Abby bag you'll get stroller straps, a cross-body adjustable strap, coordinating clutch for those date nights without the littles in tow, changing pad with a mesh pocket to keep diapers and wipes near, an insulated bottle tote for keeping those bottles hot or cold, and a zippered sack for wet or soiled clothes (similar to a wetbag). We actually use each of these accessories daily with the exception of the clutch.

(utilizing the stroller straps on our Britax B-Agile)

I love this bag.  I wouldn't call myself a diaper bag snob and I've only owned maybe five in the shirt year of Buddy Doo's life, but as many moms will put your diaper bag through hell and back that first year! I can't think of any moms that have had the same diaper bag from birth til the day their little turned one and it still be in decent shape without rods poking out and loose threads. I'm beyond thankful for the opportunity to review the Abby espresso and if you're in the market for a new diaper bag or know someone expecting and you want to be their best friend forever, get this back. You will not regret it, I promise.

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