Monday, April 8, 2013

Traveling & Snoozing in Style with BabyBjörn Travel Light Crib 2 [Review & Giveaway!]

We're first time parents, which means we pack up the whole house every time we bring Buddy Doo anywhere....especially when traveling!  Between the never-ending unloading and loading of our vehicles, we have learned the items you really need are those that can double or even triple as something else, are lightweight, and don't require a college degree to set up.  Before, we used a pack'n play that I swore hubs would mentally picture tearing apart in the backyard 'Office Space' style after every set up.  Now, we have something that can be set up by one person, every time, in maybe a minute if taking their time without all of that 'these two sides must come out at the same time or you will get the pieces stuck and they will never, ever, ever be able to be unstuck' nonsense.  Its time to add travel cribs to your baby registry again!

From now on, when you hear the name BabyBjörn you will think of their fabulous Travel Crib Light 2.   BabyBjörn make SO much more than just their iconic carriers, and I can't want to show you why BabyBjörn is on BOTH mine and my hubs' must-have baby gear lists!

Some of its fabulous, child-approved and parent-sanity-saving features include:
  • At only 11 lbs (including the carrying case) its super light (Great for when older siblings want to help out!)
  • Because you are going to use it for years to come, the fabric is easily unzipped for removal and washing.
  • Sturdy design: comes with a mattress that has a built-in base (this keeps the crib standing firmly)
  • The mattress has a waterproof cover to make those night-time leaks easier to manage
  • The textiles closest to the child had been tested and approved to not trigger allergies with child's sensitive and delicate skin
  • The Travel Crib Light 2 set up is a breeze with one simple movement
  • The sturdy mattress keeps the crib on the floor
  • The crib's inward sloping sides create a snug and cozy feeling for your little one
  • Dimensions: 19 x 24 x 6 (FOLDED! Yes, you read that right!)
  • Dimensions: 32 x 44 x 24 in. (Assembled)

No one likes to fall in love with a product that you can only really use for a short period of time.  Thankfully, BabyBjörn won't let you!  The Travel Crib Light 2 has a wide range of use- from newborn up to around  three years of age- and with durable, easily washable fabric, its sure to earn its 'keep' during all three years.  With its compact size and convenient travel case, you can store it in a clean and neat fashion (and not one of those oddball shapes you may get your pack 'n play to do when fitting back it its 'travel case', which let).  If you're like our family, it won't be stored for long....with the unbelievably quick and EASY fold/unfold, we pack in up at night or when cleaning the floors and unpack for Buddy Doo to enjoy during the day (everyday!!).  We (very highly) recommend adding one to your registry, wish list, or 'to buy' list!

Buddy Doo LOVES it both for the day and at night.  We got two Pack 'n Plays when we were pregnant, one for our place and one for Grandma's four hours away, to save space when traveling and save time with setting up (because who really wants to wake up baby while trying to set one up AFTER you arrive at your destination?).  Confession:  neither in ours, or Grandma's, Buddy Doo has ever slept.  He just won't do it.  I thought it was because it was so low and I always botched the sleepy time set down........but guess what?  The Travel Crib Light 2 is on the ground....six inches farther down and he sleeps every time.  The reason can be found easily just by examining the mattress: plush, hypoallergenic, insulated, and oh-so-comfy!

Curious how packing it back up can be so simple? All you do is:
  1. Pull down at the white arrow on each leg
  2. Legs will fall into two 'X' 's.
  3. Fold entire frame (hamburger-style hehe!) in half.
  4. Fold mattress in half around the crib frame.
  5. Place in travel case! (Don't worry, it actually fits without the workout.)

Still have doubts if the Travel Light Crib 2 is for you?  Check out this amazing video to see it in ACTION!

Buy it: You can purchase the Travel Light Crib 2 at Babies R Us in one of three gender neutral colors (silver, blue, and black) for $279.95!

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