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Oh Baby, Baby! Timi & Leslie Charlie Bag (Review + GIVEAWAY!)

I've teamed up with Savy Mommy Moments and Little Angel on a Mission to bring all of you our absolute must-haves for pregnancy through the first year! These products are tried and true favorites of ours, and we completely believe each and every one of them deserve a spot on your baby registry (and trust us, you'll WANT them on your registries after you check the reviews out!).  Enjoy :)

Remember when I introduced you all to the uber-stylish Timi & Leslie and the Abby Espresso back in September during our The BIG One First birthday event?  Well, I knew the moment I fell in love with them that they would make the best 'congrats for keeping your sanity this long!' mommy gift in celebration of your anniversary of becoming a mom, and you know I couldn't leave them out of our must-have picks for your baby registry and gift-giving!  I mean c'mon, its Timi & Leslie! Every single one of their bags are absolutely showoff worthy, drool-inducing beautiful.  Every mom deserves a Timi & Leslie diaper bag.

I'll never get tired of the boxes they come in.  It just screams excitement.  If there could be a party in a box shirt, this box is wearing it.

The Charlie is absolutely breath-taking.  Its constructed of faux leather (PVC-free) and features their custom hardware in an antique brass finish.  It smells just as great as it looks and no one would ever guess that this gorgeous and chic bag would ever have the word 'diaper' in its description.  The Charlie is only for those who dare to be noticed.

Timi & Leslie never falls short with any of their bags.  Not only do you get a great, durable bag, you also get a whole slew of matching accessories!  Each of their convertible collection bags come standard with a very generous-size changing pad, a wet bag, stroller clips, cross body strap, a matching clutch that doubles as your wallet or a purse, and even an insulated bottle tote.  Trust me, you'll use each and every one of these too!  I adore the changing pad because its the same size as others I've seen when folded, but much, much bigger when laid out.  Its super easy to clean or wipe down with its water-resistant lining, and even has a front mesh pocket where you can store your diapers, wipes, and creams for those quick changes where you don't have time to fish everything out of your bag.  Hubs actually dislikes me using the matching clutch because let's face it, diaper bags are perfect for sneaking in candy and drinks into a movie theater.  I personally love it and use it daily as both my wallet and my purse!  It can hold more than it looks (we fit three of those box candies from Walgreens in it for a date night movie last week) and is perfect for when you need to make a quick run into a store and don't want to lug everything with you.

Charlie also comes with its own stroller straps so you won't have to buy those later!  I like that it actually coordinates with the specific bag color you choose and it keeps everything up high (away from your feet and wheels) making both the bag contents and your basket easily accessible.  The insulated bottle cooler actually comes with the bag as well and fits perfectly in the inner side pockets.  We carried our breastpump bottle cooler around before, but the insulated bottle cooler keeps his bottles just as cold and takes up sooo much less space.  

My favorite included accessory is the cross body, detachable and adjustable strap.  I remember seeing these with a lot of bags when I was younger and it wasn't until I started college that I realized how amazing these are.  Using them as a mom has just increased my appreciation tenfold!  Whether babywearing, shopping, running errands, or just holding little man on my hip, I never have to worry about carrying the diaper bag.  I just sling  the cross body over my shoulder and hip, tuck dear old Charlie behind me and BAM! Both arms are completely free to do whatever I need them to do.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you're truly missing out!

So, its time for us to be honest.  What's the weirdest thing you've found in your diaper bag this week?  I've told you all about my mushed (and old. barf!) string cheese and spilled milk incident in our beloved Abby.  Buddy Doo has already marked our Charlie with mandarin oranges and some cheese crackers (prechewed and soggy of course).  You never find them when it first happens either.  No, you find them hours, a day, even a week later.  I have seen some disgusting diaper bags in my lifetime and its something many see as an inevitable certainty. After all, you do use it from birth through toddlerhood.  Sure, the Charlie is a little pricey at $159.99, but its durability alone makes it worth every penny.  The interior is water resistant so its really easy to clean.  Phenomenally easy.  You don't just get all the crumbs out, you can get all the stains and smell out too and keep it looking brand new with regular cleanings.  The light colored lining is also designed for you to be able to spot everything in your bag without the 'shadows' darker interiors can create.  There's two smaller exterior pockets that are great as either pacifier holders or as 'mommy pockets' and six interior pockets for organizing everything.  I personally attach my keys to the same brass hardware you attach the stroller and cross body straps too, but there's also an interior key fob if you prefer.  The Charlie is huge with dimensions of 15.5"H x 17"W x 4.75" D x 7" HD.

(I apologize for the crappy picture, we have hardly any free space in our house right now because of the holidays)

The Charlie is much bigger than the Abby.  We love the Abby and it used to be my primary bag (trust me, it still gets a lot of use -wink-).....until I discovered a great alternative use for the Charlie: diaper bag AND a budgeting/grocery list/couponing bag!  Yes, that's an entire binder that fits perfectly in the Charlie without obstructing any of my normal bag necessities.  Words can't express my excitement at discovering this.  I'm huge with organizational printables from Pinterest, but I almost always forget the grocery shopping ones at home because I've never had space in my diaper bags before.  

So, just how much can you fit in the Charlie anyway?  Check out what's in my diaper bag and clutch on a normal outing!

You can't really make out much, so let's do a packing list:
- clutch
- snack catcher
- insulated bottle holderwith sippy
- insulated bottle
- one outfit change: Charlie Banana cloth diaper with shirt 
- second outfit change: Charlie Banana cloth diaper with shirt
- two bibs
- changing pad with biodegradable trash bags and CJ's BUTTer spritz in the mesh pocket
-wipes case (I made that!)
-wet bag
-Sofie la Girafe
-mascara and hair pins for mom
-collapsible, reusable shopping bag
-Swaddle Designs flannel Mickey Mouse swaddle
-keys and phone not pictured

Yes, all of that fits comfortably in the Charlie without distorting it or having it lose its shape! Amazing.

If you're looking for a toddler bag or a baby diaper bag, I recommend the Abby.  If you're looking for a baby and toddler, two babies/two toddlers, a diaper bag that can double as a carry-on while traveling or road-tripping this holiday season, or a diaper bag that carries all of your child's/your essentials and a binder to run your household, treat yourself to the Charlie.  It'll blow your mind.  Either way, make sure its a Timi & Leslie and you'll never regret your decision!

Other bags you'll fall in love with:

Timi & Leslie

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Buy it: You can purchase the Timi & Leslie Charlie bag in Black, Teal, Pewter, Cocoa Brown, Light Brown, and Mustard for $159.99

PSST! The VERY popular Annette Convertible Diaper Bag, Black can be found on Amazon for $104.42 with FREE shipping.  Wouldn't it be great if you could just leave this review up, with this particular part on the screen so your significant other could catch a hint and get it for you this holiday season? 

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Oh Baby, Baby! Gymboree Has Some Lovely New Holiday Collections! (Review)

Remember when I checked out Gymboree for the first time during their BIG Red Balloon sale back in July?  Well they've released some pretty awesome holiday collections that I couldn't let ya'll miss out on!

What I love about Gymboree is that their collections are both fun and versatile.  They feature collections with the sweet and cozy classics like the Fair Isle Reindeer sweater and the adorable Silver Bells outfit, as well as fun and nontraditional collections like the Winter Peacock (seriously, click that link and check it out! GORGEOUS!) and London Lad.  I like that you can find both your winter wardrobe and your picture-perfect attire at one place....and be guaranteed to look good :)

Let's spill the beans! Here's what we hauled off on our holiday shopping spree:

Mr. Magician Plaid Shirt Regularly $26.95, on sale for $13.19!
Tiger in Glasses long-sleeved shirt (no longer available online), Regularly $14.99, on sale for $5.95!
London shirt (no longer available online), Regulary $14.99, on sale for $8.39
(this shirt was available in every size in our local Gymboree, so I'm sure its still in stores!)

Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater; Regularly $32.95, on sale for $13.19
Tattersall Shirt Regularly $26.95, on sale for $10.79!
Blue, Black, White striped bowtie, Regularly $10.95, on sale for $5.39!
(this bowtie is no longer available online; here's a link to another bowtie though!)

And of course some Elf Boy Christmas Pajamas!
These are no longer available online, but there were plenty in our store.  They have this one with a boy elf, as well as a girl elf (I believe the shirt on that one was red) set too!
Regularly $21.95, on sale for $12.30!

Unfortunately we were very limited with shopping the holiday collection in-store.  Apparently they were wiped out just the day before, so literally the only pieces available in Buddy Doo's size were the Tattersall shirt and the Fair Isles Reindeer sweater.  I added the bowtie because well, I think they're just too adorable, but it also dresses it up a little more.  We actually snagged a solid white button down from Gymboree back in July that was just a little too big, so we'll pair it with the sweater  too.  I love the grey and black checkered shirt with it (a lot more than I thought I would!) and I can't wait to see how it looks in pictures!  Last year we all dressed in red and the men/boys dressed in red/green/white checkered shirts.  Blue is such a pretty color and I think it'll be nice not to do red for a change :) The fabric is so durable and of such nice quality that I know it'll both hold up through the holidays as well as for our next baby.  Nothing's more frustrating than either not being able to wear a certain outfit until its picture day because your toddler is going to rip, stain, or tear it up before then, or it'll lose its gorgeous color and fade.  We've never had an issue with Gymboree's clothing, so you best believe we'll be rocking these adorable outfits throughout the holiday season!

Gymboree's clothing is so versatile too! Each piece in each collection is carefully designed for easy mix and matching.  That way your wardrobe's potential can be fully maximized and you can enjoy several different outfits.  You can dress something up or down easily.  Plus, its less you have to carry in your diaper bag when you have a shirt that matches well with two different pants (or vice versa).  Just look how stinking CUTE Buddy Doo looks in his Tattersall shirt and a tie we got from the last trip to Gymboree (this adorable ensemble totals only $11.58!!).

Now all of you Pinterest addicts, listen up: Gymboree has the perfect Christmas Eve pajamas in stores right now!! We actually eeny meeny miny moe-d it with two of the store associates because none of us could pick between all of the holiday pajamas! We did our Christmas Eve box early because we couldn't contain ourselves...I just had to see those sweet, chubby legs in these adorable striped pj's.  Who knows, we'll probably go back for a second pair for another Christmas Eve box! These are crazy soft and cozy and keep him warm all night.  The appliqued elf is so well-done and the quality of this pajama set is worth every penny.  Its a little more expensive than we normally would have spent on pajamas, but boy, we're already ready to snatch up some more at its more-affordable sale price!

We adore Gymboree.  I keep telling myself that I need to shop at their online website because my store is always out-of-stock of what I want, but their store associates are so caring and energetic that it really is such a great experience shopping.  Even Buddy Doo enjoys it!  Their collections are always so exciting to explore and I'm never disappointed in what we get, no matter how many washes they go through!

Head on over to Gymboree so your little can slumber their weary selves in these oh so soft and festive pajamas :) Jingle toes!

Its the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it? The holiday season is truly the best time to be a kid.

We asked Buddy Doo some questions about why he thinks its the best time to be a kid. Check out his answers :)

Q: What's your favorite thing that mom cooks during the holidays?
A: Bah! Gah! Da Da
(uh oh, we won't tell daddy Buddy Doo's hungry lol!)

Q: What's your favorite part about decorating for the holidays?
A: Daaaa Da! Yeah. Yeah!
(Daddy is always home more around the holidays (less work load) We'll assume he means Daddy putting up the tree -wink-)

Q: What do you want for Christmas this year?
A: -big smile- -runs to train table- Yeah! Yeah!
(We gave him his train table early.  Daddy says its because we can't really hide it.  I say its because Daddy secretly wants to play with trains.)

Ask your kiddos why they're excited to be a kid during the holidays and share their answers below!

Buy it: You can shop the holiday collection at Gymboree both online and in stores! You can find the charming pieces Buddy Doo wore like the Fair Isle Reindeer sweater vest for $13.19 (reg. $32.95), Tattersall shirt for $10.79 (reg. $26.95), and bowtie for $5.39 (red. $10.95)!


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Oh Baby, Baby! Aquascale 3-in-1 Bath Tub {Review & Giveaway}

I've teamed up with Savy Mommy Moments and Little Angel on a Mission to bring all of you our absolute must-haves for pregnancy through the first year! These products are tried and true favorites of ours, and we completely believe each and every one of them deserve a spot on your baby registry (and trust us, you'll WANT them on your registries after you check the reviews out!).  Enjoy :)

I first fell in love with this tub back in March of 2012 when browsing Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine while waiting in the Maternal/Fetal section of our hospital for an ultrasound.  By this point we've already made detours in our regular shopping visits down the baby aisles, and we weren't really impressed with the tubs available.  I mean, they weren't horrible, they were normal baby tubs....they were just plain and boring.  Some had pretty colors, most had newborn slings, and all I could think about was how uncomfortable those slings must feel against a newborn's delicate skin and how dirty and gross they probably got rather quickly.  Well, we ended up getting one of those tubs and let's just say I'm ecstatic our next baby will get to enjoy the Aqua Scale instead!

Now, this tub is huge.  Like, there's no way you're fitting this in your deep sink huge.  Don't let that fool you though, it is surprisingly light weight and even felt lighter than the cheaper tub we got at Target!  I thought the bulky size would make it inconvenient to carry up and down our stairs, but it really does seem to conceal its size in some crazy Hermione's-bag-that-could-fit-a-huge-tent-and-without-being-heavy-or-in-the-way kind of way.  I could easily see this tub working wonders for C-section recovery mommas!  It even has a convenient 'hook' on the back (tucked away underneath) so you can hang it from your shower curtain or shower head so you won't have to bend over more than you should while recovering.

So what's so great about the Aqua Scale tub and why did we pick it for this event?
Here's some quick details from the website:
  • Aqua Scale’s innovative technology records baby’s precise weight adjusting for water and movement.
  • Built in water thermometer automatically monitors bath water temperature, allowing parents to make any necessary adjustments. 
  • The unique shape of the tub and anti slip insert safely holds babies up to six months in an ideal bathing position. 
  • Once your baby can sit up, Aqua Scale converts to a toddler tub accommodating children up to two years of age.

This is the best tub you can have as a new parent.  One concern of breastfeeding moms is that their little is getting enough milk and gaining weight.  With the built-in digital scale, you can calculate your baby's precise weight and be reassured.  What's really neat is that it adjusts for water and movement, so you can get an accurate weight measurement both in and out of the water!  The Aqua Scale also stores baby's previous weight so you can easily compare, and the water thermometer actually adjusts itself automatically as the water temperature changes.  Buddy Doo sometimes likes to stay and splash a little longer, but by then the water starts to cool off more than he likes.  With the thermometer, we can add more water until he's comfortable again.

One of my favorite favorite favorite features (well, other then the '3' main ones in the '3-in-1' of course) is how the 'hook' to hang it is built-in to the frame and can't become Buddy Doo's new thing to flick around until it breaks.  Check out how easily it hangs on a single clothes hanger! Its so lightweight its not even warping it. Now compare that to its size. Amazing.

To say  this tub is easy to clean is an understatement.  All of the sling tubs have to have the slings washed and air dried.  If you don't remember to do this after every. single. bath. it'll become all nasty and mildewy (YUCK!).  With the Aqua Scale, its just a quick wipe down with a non-abrasive detergent (we recommend BabyGaniacs bathroom cleaner!) then dry with a cloth.  Takes just a couple of minutes and you're DONE.  I can't tell you how frustrating it was when forgetting to wash the sling during my brain-can't-function-on-two-hours-of-sleep newborn stage.  Even if you forget with the tub, it takes just a couple of minutes and then bathtime bubbles can begin!

Time for our weigh-in!

The Aqua Scale is a little pricey at $69.99, but honestly, look at what you get.  Its great for birth through 24 months so you certainly get your money's worth, and there's a ton of features that make your life just that much easier.  Your baby doesn't get frustrated and fussy because they're dangling above the water with feet hanging everywhere...they're sitting comfortably, arms and legs properly supported in a secure position for bathtime safety.  They're in the warm, bubbly water able to actually relax.  If you have a toddler and a newborn, the newborn insert literally pops out in two seconds allowing this tub to do double duty.  We love this tub. We rave about this tub.  It certainly deserves a spot on your registry.
Spoil yourself, you deserve it. -wink-

Buy it: You can purchase the Aquascale 3-in-1 digital scale, water thermometer, and tub at Target for only $69.99!

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Check out the video to see it in action!

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The BIG One with Timi & Leslie! {Review + Giveaway!}

Our The BIG One! First birthday event is almost over and its time to celebrate you lovely mommas!  Not only is it your little's birthday, one year ago you also became a mother.  Today we're celebrating YOU and your labor of love with Timi & Leslie!!

A woman can never have too many purses!  When it comes to diaper bags though, you're not just looking for a bunch of different ones to coordinate with different outfits, you're looking for the perfect one that keeps you organized, holds everything you suddenly need in this adventure in mommyhood, is durable, and looks good to boot!  I've gone through a good four or five diaper bags before finding that 'one' for me: the Timi & Leslie Abby Espresso!

. This is the best diaper bag I've come across. Period. I just love absolutely everything about it and believe it to be the perfect gift for know, as a 'treat' for surviving the first year.  And after having far too much baby vomit and pee on every part of your body.  Buddy Doo is a toddler now which roughly translates to I don't pack everything but the kitchen sink anymore, but I feel like even if I did this bag would hold its own.

 (after said incidents)

The three things I base my judgment on when it comes to diaper bags are: durability, organization/easily accessible, and of course appeal.  Buddy Doo was more than willing to test out the durability factor for me with a spilled apple juice during a park outing, a half-eaten apple he just had to save for later, and of course....the dreaded somewhat chewed, drooled on string cheese hidden under a pocket when I left my purse in the car overnight in almost 100 degree Louisiana heat. Yes, that really happened.  And you know what? It wasn't that hard to clean either.  In the case of the apple juice it took a towel or two, but I just simply turned the inside out and wiped it all down with soap and warm water then left it out to dry.  The entire inside is lined with water resistant fabric, outer is easy to clean faux leather, and its all PVC free!  No stains, no stench, no chalklines around the crime scene.  Can you say that about your diaper bag?  I'll admit I've thrown a diaper bag out because it forever smelled like moldy cheese and milk. Durability: check.

Now, what about when you have a fussbucket on your hands and you can't find that teether since you left your treasure map at home?  A diaper bag is only as good as its ability to find what you need one-handed, right?  The Abby has seven exterior pockets and six interior pockets and includes a key fob!  Two of the interior pockets are perfect for diapers and spare clothes.  We cloth diaper and can easily put two diapers in one pocket and a spare or two of clothes in the other. There are two interior pockets on the ends of the bag that are also the perfect size for a bottle or sippy; the insulated bottle holder fits inside the pocket all nice and neat too. There's a zippered pocket opposite of the two clothes/diaper pockets that we honestly don't use often, but its great for keep pens or make up together and separate from the rest.  Underneath, there's a roomy latched pocket where the changing pat and zippered sack fit perfectly.  We have a travel wipes case that we tuck in there as well. This leaves plenty of room for that 'catch-all' space in the middle for toys or spare diapers while leaving a specific spot for the important things!

Not going to lie, I doubt I'll ever use all of the seven exterior pockets but the added brass accents from them sure look stylish!  There's a magnetic pocket/pouch on the front that keeps my wallet within reach at all times.  I love that this pocket is magnetic.  It seems like Buddy Doo has one are preoccupied for whatever reason when its time to check out, and being able to still grab my wallet and pay makes things a lot easier.  On the opposite side, theres another zippered pocket that works well as our 'mommy/adult' pocket.  It currently holds our checkbook, mirror, headphones, spare pen, and my eos.

On the sides there are two pouches that I'm obsessed with.  There's a zipper pocket on both of these pouch pockets but in all honesty I'll never use them.  They add to the overall appeal though so I'm certainly glad they're there, they're just useless.  The pouch pockets though make the perfect 'easy grab' stations for diaper changes and traveling.  I typically keep our CJ's BUTTer spritz, pocket hand sanitizer, exederm flare control cream, and dapple multipurpose wipes in one and a planetwise snack bag, Buddy Doo's comb, and a Peter Rabbit Organic food pouch in the other.  When I'm not taking the stroller with us, the side pouch pockets are roomy enough to stow my phone and sunglasses as well.  Confession: before, I've always sort of organized my diaper bags 'on-the-go' and in a different order every time.  This confused the hell out of my husband when I asked for something and just added frustration during rush-hour traffic tantrums.  A lot of thought went into this diaper's structure and my sanity thanks Timi & Leslie.  Now, I pack it the same way every time because it works.

(photo courtesy of Timi & Leslie's website.  I tried taking a picture with the handbag, but gosh it looked corny.  She rocks it so much better!)

You don't want to be toting something you're ashamed of, so all of the above means nothing if the bag was hideous.  Good news! Its NOT.  Its gorgeous.  It has this beautiful pebble like texture in the faux leather and the gold brass hardware bring out the gold tones throughout the bronze color.  Pictures don't do it justice, its absolutely beautiful in person and I'm frequently stopped and complimented on it.  The only thing I dislike about it is that it doesn't have something on the bottom to protect it for those rare instances I'm tempted to put it somewhere so I can use the bathroom or free my hands.  The adjustable cross-body has been my solution for this so far, so I can't complain too much :) This bag is the bees knees!

For that cherry on top, Timi & Leslie include a bunch of accessories with their diaper bags!  With the Abby bag you'll get stroller straps, a cross-body adjustable strap, coordinating clutch for those date nights without the littles in tow, changing pad with a mesh pocket to keep diapers and wipes near, an insulated bottle tote for keeping those bottles hot or cold, and a zippered sack for wet or soiled clothes (similar to a wetbag). We actually use each of these accessories daily with the exception of the clutch.

(utilizing the stroller straps on our Britax B-Agile)

I love this bag.  I wouldn't call myself a diaper bag snob and I've only owned maybe five in the shirt year of Buddy Doo's life, but as many moms will put your diaper bag through hell and back that first year! I can't think of any moms that have had the same diaper bag from birth til the day their little turned one and it still be in decent shape without rods poking out and loose threads. I'm beyond thankful for the opportunity to review the Abby espresso and if you're in the market for a new diaper bag or know someone expecting and you want to be their best friend forever, get this back. You will not regret it, I promise.

Buy: You can purchase the Abby Espresso or any of their other fabulous diaper bags at Timi & Leslie's website here! It recently went on sale for $50 off!!

Connect: Follow Timi & Leslie on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on future promotions, new products, and chances to win!

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The BIG One with Aden + Anais! {Review + Giveaway}

Its our The BIG One! First birthday event, and we're celebrating Open Hand's Sweetie Pie and Buddy Doo's first birthdays with Aden + Anais!

I fell in love with Aden + Anais and their muslin swaddles when I had to borrow a friend's when Buddy Doo was a newborn.  I remember drooling over all of their gorgeous products online and spending a good hour arguing with myself over which I wanted more.  Even though we bought some and still use the swaddles regularly, Buddy Doo has outgrown the 'swaddling' usage from them. Never fear! Aden + Anais also makes sleeping bags out of their super soft and breathable muslin - in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large so one is sure to fit your little sleepy head!

Muslin is fantastic for babies and toddlers for its wonderfully breathable properties.  While many know that common risks for SIDS include placing newborn baby on their bellies and loose blankets in the crib, most don't know that overheating is also a big culprit.  Muslin greatly reduces the risk of overheating and keeps your little one cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Plus, it has this magical way of getting softer with every wash.  That's right, no more worries of the fabric getting scratchy and irritating their skin over time.  Since its worn, the sleep sack eliminates loose blankets for a safer sleep; plus, the sleep sack keeps them warm and cozy without the risk of the 'blanket' being tossed off.

For our review, we received the large.  Its a little small for Buddy Doo, but that's completely my fault.  He's super tall and it seems I should have went with the extra large!  He does fit it fine for now, but I don't see him being able to last past another growth spurt. I just can't get over the 'Up, Up, & Away! collection! I wanted to keep it relatively gender neutral since we do plan on having another some day, and I love this collection so much I may even do the next nursery's them around it.

Something that caught my eye was how the zipper's end was wrapped over in fabric.  I sew quite a bit for Buddy Doo and the house, and I would have never thought to do this!  This is such a neat thing because it protects their skin from the zipper's irritation.  Considering it seems like Buddy Doo has a constant teething rash under his neck I'm sure he extremely appreciates this thoughtfulness.  It unzips upward for ease with those pesky nighttime diaper changes.  One of my favorite features is that there's a good three inches of fabric after the zipper to kind of keep the feet 'tucked' in nice and warm during diaper changes.  I do wish there was something like a snap or a hook (with fabric underneath for baby's skin) at the top to keep the zipper from completely unzipping, though.  We don't do too many nighttime changes anymore, but its not easy trying to get the zipper back through the other side in the dark. It hasn't really been that much of an issue and certainly not a deal-breaker, but it would be really helpful to have.

Overall, I love this sleeping bag.  It transforms the luxury and silky softness of the muslin swaddles into the older baby and toddler world.  The designs are to die for gorgeous and I'm slightly jealous of how comfy Buddy Doo seems to be in it. We use it many times a week and its not even showing any signs of wear. Its been through a good thirty washes already and the colors look brand new and the muslin is incredibly softer. Buddy Doo has woken with a leak or two and even when I didn't get a chance to wash it right away, there wasn't a stain or stench in sight.  Aden + Anais are known for their quality products and fabrics...the sleep sack is no exception!

Sweet Pie reviewed the Bamboo Sleeping bag! Here's the review of the Tranquility Leafy print:

 At the end of a long day, everyone is exhausted, little one's and mommy & daddy alike. In our home, routine is key to everyone settling down well at night. We always start with a nice bath...sometimes they even get bubbles ;-) Then we move onto story time, some songs & prayers. After tha,t and the kids are all in their cozy pajamas, the boys cover up with their favorite blankies. This is where things are a little different for Sweet Pea. With her being so little still, we don't like to put a thick, big blanket in bed with her. She has her tiny blankie to sleep with, but its more of a cuddle thing.

  For Sweet Pea's special day, aden + anais was kind enough to send us one of their sleeping bags. We received the Tranquility Leafy Bamboo Sleeping Bag and it is gorgeous! The pink and cream colored bag , with a feminine leaf print is perfect for our girl. I love everything about the look of this bag, even the sweet pink trim.

 Not only is the bag so sweet in style, it is amazingly comfy! Well..I mean, it feels great & I think if they made one big enough for me to try out, I would consider it to be extremely worthy of sleeping in. Sweet Pea was lucky enough to get the opportunity to sleep in this fabulous sleeping bag, and she loves it! After I put her in it, she rubs it the whole time she nurses before falling asleep, it is so precious!

 The bamboo sleeping bag is the perfect thickness to keep Sweet Pea warm, without being too hot. When paired with her jammies, she is the perfect temp for these cooler fall nights, with no fear of a blanket over her face or kicking off the covers. We adore of Sleep Bag from aden + anais, and can't wait to try out more of their products in the future.

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