Friday, January 8, 2016

Get $10 from Ibotta for a limited time!!

Disclosure: contains affiliate links

Right now, you can get $10 when you sign up for Ibotta! No hoops or awkward items to purchase that you normally wouldn't. Its super simple, just:

1. Sign up for Ibotta (new members only, sorry!)
2. Download the app and log in
3. Redeem ANY rebate, like milk!

BAM! You've earned $10 on top of any other rebates you choose to redeem.  If you redeem 6 rebates before the 10th, you'll earn an extra $2 as well ON TOP OF the rebates you are redeeming :) Rebates vary from $0.25-$10 per item and many are 'any brand' or items you buy already. Why not make some money from it? I know many people who do this for easy Paypal 'fun money' for BST boards and groups, or for gift cards (we personally are fond of the Regal gift cards for date nights! Combine with the Regal Crown Club to get free popcorn, drinks, and movie tickets too). Many people also redeem for Amazon gift cards to save on gifts. 

So, if you're going to be buying milk, eggs, carrots, etc anyway, why not get paid for it? 

FYI, if you're currently sick (our whole household was last week!) and in the market for some Mucinex, they have a $5 rebate right now (normally $10 at Walmart). If you sign up for the $10 rebate, buy the Mucinex ($10), and redeem on ibotta, you'll get $15 back! Can't beat that, amiright?

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