Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DIY Red Magnolia Wreath for $5 in 5 Minutes! [Valentine's Day Craft]

So we still have a lot of Christmas clearance floating around everywhere, and if you hurry, you may be able to scoop up some of the deals like we did to make some adorable Valentine's Day decor!
When we moved into our new house, hubs and I were both super excited because we would each have a 'cave'.  I'm a SAHM though, and finding that time to truly get lost in a craft project uninterrupted is few and far between.  I don't have an hour to loop burlap into this intricate layered wreath that would look beautiful on any door.  I just don't.  And even if I did, burlap wreaths really start to piss me off about ten minutes in anyway.  They get snagged on errrythang, amiright?  Our local Walmart is such a devil's advocate though and is always marking seasonal wreath materials down to $0.10/each, so alas, I now have almost 100 rolls just of different burlap.  Its a love/hate relationship.
my haul last time. The whole cart was like $5!
THIS time, though, Walmart marked down a lot of the florals too.  I love these because they're so easy to work with and shape into garlands for the doors, outdoor lamps, etc.  I grabbed a few of the fun noodles from the summer clearance to make a giant ornament wreath and just never finished in time. Scored all the ornaments to do it (and for only $2!!), its just that time part that gets me everytime.  
All this for $0.25!
We literally got shopping carts full of Christmas-y decor for next year (we have a very competitive neighborhood LOL), but I noticed these red magnolias seemed more fitting for a Valentine's Day wreath than a Christmas one. They were $0.25/bouquet, but I've seen posts of others finding them for up to $0.10/bouquet so price will vary by region.  **I've also seen reports of these still being found in many of the Walmart floral departments regular line up, so it may not even be marked or set aside (but still ringing up clearanced) so be sure to check them out and price check first**
So, materials are as follows:
Pool noodle 
(cut to desired length)
duct tape
red magnolia bundles 
(or another full flower)
scissors or floral sheers

Now, the reason why this wreath style is my new favorite is easy:
You simply tape the noodle into a circle.
Then cut the flowers off with short stems (about 2-3")
And, stick them in! Thats it! No hot glue or straw cleaners necessary. Make it as full as you desire. Ours has been up for the last two weeks of storms and nothing has fallen off yet, so this method seems to work perfectly! For all the flowers we used, it was also only $2 in bouquets. Plus, we're using the leftover leaves for a summer lemon bouquet :)
If you choose to add a sign or embellishment like we did, just superglue it where you choose :) We got this sign below in the craft department for $1.97, and the chalk pen we got a Target forever ago for a $1.
Now, adorn your door with your new beautiful wreath :) If you're like us and have a notch on your door for wreaths and don't need the extra hanger, you can actually cut the little opening into the pool noodle itself. Viola!

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