Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY Felt Tree {for under $10!}

Like every other stay at home mom I meet, I struggle to find that perfect balance with our days.  I typically spend an hour every day tidying, then another two hours deep cleaning (every day is a different room; I HIGHLY recommend this too! Its so much easier to maintain a guest-ready house than it is to let it go to hell and then catch back up), an hour or two prepping and cooking all three meals, at least two hours of outdoor play and with the pups (usually more, I mean c'mon its beautiful outside!), and then a couple hours of one on one time with our son.  Some days there's more cleaning, on other's hubs is home so I only have to clean a fraction (yay for three sets of hands on deck!) so play time is tenfolded.  Finding a nice balance and routine has made me ten times happier and far less stressed.  Its truly been wonderful.  

Another thing that I've just really fallen in love with lately is spending some quality time with our son and doing a craft a day. I used to be a mom who tried to do everything and ended up not really being present like I should be, so doing only one good craft or discovery play a day has really help change that. Getting mostly off social media has helped a ton, too -wink-

I've really impressed myself with some of the ideas I've come up with too, so I'll be sharing them with you all whenever I find the time! :) Below is one I did a few weeks back on a whim.  All you need are:

Black felt - 1 yard ($3.97)
Brown felt - 3/4 yard (2.98)
felt leaves - package of 40 ($0.99)

We honestly got three packs of the leaves for a variety of shapes. Each package includes all the different colors, so you can buy just one and still have a beautiful and colorful tree :) 

Our son adores playing with his tree, and with all of the leaves leftover we have been ab le to create fun counting and spelling games! I free-handed the tree itself, so you can make it as thick or thin of branches as you'd like.  We plan on adding a big pumpkin with different shapes he can use to arrange its face and a turkey with numbered feathers to interchange with this tree and his Christmas tree later.  Let us know if you decide to try this craft! Tag us in it on Instagram: @Brittchelette

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