Wednesday, September 10, 2014

HURRY!!! FREE: Cloud B Twinkles To Go Octo NightLight!!

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Been on the fence about trying a new subscription box? Not sure if you'll like what's inside?  Well, Citrus Lane has started doing sneak peeks at items in their monthly boxes and their September sneak peek just went live:
Featured are: Cloud B Twinkles to go Octo Nightlight, Tea Collection long-sleeve onesie, Crocodile Creek Firetruck puzzle, Boon Links bath toy appliques, Melissa and Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock, and Critters Creativity Can.
Usually there's only one product from each age group posted for the sneak peek, but this month they also did a customization for a few of the age groups so we know one guaranteed item in this month's box and this is a teaser on a second. The Critter Can will be in the 4 year olds, and the Tea Collection onesie will be in the 12-18months, but that's all we know for now :)
Now, where does the Cloud B Twinkles to Go Octo NightLight come in?
As you can see, this night light is $18.95 on Amazon.  If you sign up through this link, you'll get your September Box for $14.50.  Citrus Lane customer service has told us that these night lights will be in the 26month-31month age group (meaning you'll want to set their birthdays around May 2012). 
Buying a September Citrus Lane box with a child's birthday set at May 2012, you'll receive this awesome nightlight for only $14.50. BUT considering there will be three more awesome goodies like this in the box totaling more than the $14.50 price, it'll be like getting this light for free! Or, getting the whole box for free and just buying the night light at super discount, whichever floats your boat ;) Basically, this nightlight is one of 3-4 items and by itself is worth more than the price tag of the box!

Also, it turns out I can't use two Shutterfly Photobook coupons I have.  Since I can't use them I decided to make this deal even greater: I'm giving a FREE Shutterfly PhotoBook Coupon Code to the first TWO people to sign up through the link in this post!!! Please leave the name you signed up with in the comments below so I can verify and email you your codes :)
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