Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The New Product by Halo That Will Blow Your New-Mommy Mind (+ GIVEAWAY)

When we were pregnant, it seemed all we thought about was baby: baby clothes, baby gear, baby registries, baby showers, what baby needed, etc.  Then, once baby was here, we held our breaths and freaked out every time he went down for his nap or for bed.  SIDS is something that albeit rare, is pretty high up there on every new parent's worried list.  It seems like there's always new things being recalled that were once considered 'safe' when it came to infant sleep, so we've put our trust in Halo's hands and have slept a little easier.  In fact, Halo's sleep sack swaddle was the very first our little Buddy Doo snuggled up in!   

And now, they've gone a step further.  Introducing the neatest product you will probably see this year in the baby/sleep world.  Seriously, it'll blow your new-mommy mind.  Let us introduce you to the new Halo Bassinest:

The Bassinest by Halo is perfect for any new parent, including those recovering from c-sections!  

  • It rotates 360 degrees
  • Adjusts to fit the height of your bed 
  • Keeps baby close to mommy and daddy, while maintaining a safe sleep environment
  • Swivels out of your way for easy in or out of the bed
  • My personal favorite: you don't have to get out of the bed to tend to the baby!  The sides can be lowered for easier night-time feedings and comforting
  • There is a convenient soothing center with a nursing timer, night light and soothing sounds, as well as a generous storage compartment on the side of the bassinet.
  • The sides of the Bassinest are mesh for ventilation so you can always see your baby, even while lying down. This also ensures maximum air flow into the bassinet. 

The Bassinest will be available in a GORGEOUS soft, white and gray damask print in mid-July to early August 2014 for $229.  Quantities are very limited, so don't hestitate to grab one if this is something you see yourself wanting!

WIN IT:  One lucky reader will win a Halo cotton Sleepsack or Sleepswaddle!  Open to US citizens 18 years of age or older.  Contest begins 6/13/14 and ends 11:00PM CST on 6/20/14.  Only one entrant per household.  Void where prohibited.

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  1. I love that it adjusts to the height of our bed. We looked into another brand of co sleeper and in order for it to work with our bed we would have had to spend almost as much on the risers as we did on the co sleeper! This product is genius!

  2. I like that it rotates and adjust to the height of your bed. Yay for co-sleeping!!

  3. What's not to love about it!? I think if I had to choose one, my favorite thing is that baby can stay close to you without being in the same bed!

  4. I absolutely love how the height adjusts making it an excellent co-sleeper!

  5. I love that the sides can be lowered, how neat is that.

  6. I like that there's a nightlight and vibration in the soothing center

  7. I like that you can adjust it so that it fits any bed and then it's almost like the baby is sleeping in the bed with you but without the danger of rolling over on the kid.

    (tute-bot = christine)

  8. I love that the bassinest swivels.

  9. I like that it has a rotating feature and breathable mesh sides.

  10. i love the adjustable height!!

  11. adjustable height! gotta have that!