Monday, March 24, 2014

Keep Warm and Babywear On with the new Boba Vest! #BobaAmbassador

Spring is here, but its cold in most of the US, and when its not cold, its only a week away from being chilly again.  Even near New Orleans, LA we've been feeling mixed temperatures of sunny and warm one week and chilly, jacket-weather the next.  So, we were excited for the opportunity to review the Boba Vest and continue babywearing without the bulky jackets!

At first I wanted the hoodie because it was made of cotton, but I tend to get hotter faster than Buddy Doo so I found the vest was more in our favor.  While we experience our fair share of extreme temperatures (it was colder in Baton Rouge than Anchorage, Alaska this winter after all), we normally don't experience too much of it.  Something versatile like the Boba vest where I can wear a short sleeve if the weather is just cold enough for Buddy Doo, or a long sleeve shirt when its really cold, was exactly what I was looking for.

Description from website:

  • May be worn on the front or back
  • Made of 100% Polyester Fleece
  • Two zippered pockets
  • Side openings allow you to access your baby to breastfeed and tend to your child's needs
  • Works great under a coat for cold temperatures
  • Side zipper for easy on and off without scratching your baby
Shopping in warmth with our Boba Vest!
(I apologize for the annoying 'mirror picture'; hubs had to work long shifts all month and Buddy Doo was usually asleep when he came home or left for work)

What I like: I love how warm it is.  Its a lot warmer than I expected!  Buddy Doo enjoys how bundled up and 'snoogly' it makes him, and we both are excited that it doesn't limit the option to forward or back carry.  We don't breastfeed anymore so I can't give a verdict on how friendly it is for breastfeeding, but I can see how its definitely possible and accessible.  One of my favorite features is how they made sure to have it go the length of the toddler's feet.  I mean seriously! How awesome is that?  Even in the foot stirrups, Buddy Doo's legs and piggies were nice and warm in the vest.

What I dislike: The zipper was soooo awkward for me.  I'm almost 100% positive its completely 'user error' though.  I have psoriasis on my fingers that tend to get really bad in winter leaving these big gashes in my finger tips.  This makes grabbing things like zippers (or buttoning, or anything really) difficult and extremely painful.  So, yes, the zipper was difficult to access for me with a toddler in front since its on my side.  I couldn't exactly zip straight down at the time, but again that's something that is most likely completely my fault and due to my condition.  I feel like I should mention it though, in case this is an issue any of you experience as well.  The other down side I found was that you couldn't really use the pockets when back-carrying.

Verdict: We're impressed at how handy the vest has been for us!  Its ease of use and comfort has done wonders for our warmth....especially on those days where waiting to finagle a jacket on both of you after getting out of the car seat (and into your Boba!) will freeze you into a human popsicle in minutes.  Even without sleeves, the vest keeps you at a nice temperature so you can both enjoy freedom together...even in the winter months!

BUY IT: You can purchase the Boba Vest or the Boba Hoodie at their website for $55 and $70!

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  1. I can see how this would have bothered you with your fingers like they are but when I first read it, this was the part I thought I'd love, the side zipper and love to be warm so another great feature