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Introducing the New (and Beautiful!) Seneca Washable Playard with Dream Centre by Ingenuity

Has there ever been a product that you just drooled over?  That you just knew was the product you needed to make parenthood easier with newborns and toddlers?  The moment I first saw Ingenuity's revolutionary washable playard I knew I wanted it.  When they added the Dream Centre, there was no mistaking it: I had to have this!  We have two pack 'n plays, one for our house and one for grandma's, and they were lifesavers that first year.  They were both always set up and used daily.  The one thing the one at our house didn't have was a dream centre/newborn napper, and I was torn between getting the new washable playard and a competitive Graco playard that had one for our next baby because of it.  Now, Ingenuity has set the bar to unseen-before heights. They've set the standard for quality, durable, must-have playards everywhere.

And if they couldn't get any better, they just released the beautiful and perfectly gender neutral Seneca Collection.  Things just got real.

Now, amazingness comes at a price: this playard does weigh more than I'd like.  It has a ton of features though, so you can't blame it.  Its a worthy trade-off in my book, but if you travel frequently this may not be the playard for you.  There's lots of parts, but its surprisingly fast and easy to put together.  There's no fighting with bars going in or out, and everything snaps together nicely.  Now, you'll never get it all into the little carrying case the playard itself comes in, but if you don't need the changing station or dream centre then its convenient to have.  And because Ingenuity is so thoughtful, they even included the batteries for you!  Another reason why Ingenuity goes above and beyond with their customers and their products!
From their website:
All the fabrics zip off in minutes so you can throw them in your washing machine. The DreamCentre features plush fabrics and breathable mesh to provide the ideal place for baby to rest. The changing table is the perfect height to make changes convenient and it pivots easily out of the way when you don't need it. We help you stay organized with a removable organizer tray, and we've made it easier than ever before to fold and transport thanks to our OneLessStep™ design so you can fold the entire playard without removing the bassinet!

The Soothing Sounds Station™ provides 5 calming melodies and 3 nature sounds. Includes handy wheels and a travel bag for easy transport.

  • Fabrics easily remove for machine washing
  • Dream Centre™ features soft fabrics, breathable mesh, and canopy with plush toys
  • One Less Step™: quickly fold & go without removing bassinet
  • Just Right Height™: Elevated changing table easily pivots out of the way
  • Soothing Sounds Station™: 5 melodies and 3 nature sounds to comfort baby
  • Removable organizer tray

Our last pack n play had this annoying changing table.  It had this metal 'loop' rod thing that held it up and out, but didn't have anything to distribute the weight evenly (like bracing it on the pack n play itself).  So, Buddy Doo always slid sideways and on one side.  Incredibly frustrating!  In fact, it was so much so that from that point on it was the first thing I looked for when looking at playards!  I'm in love with the changing table on the Seneca.  It has that prop to snap the table securely into place as well as distribute baby's weight evenly.  No more sliding onto one side!  Its at a great height for changes so mommy's back doesn't break every diaper change, and it even flips out of the way with a quick unsnap on both ends.  The part that comes into contact with baby is machine washable too, so there's no more awkward dances with trying to avoid contact with baby and table before he's been wiped clean.  The organizer tray snaps securely in as well and provides diapers, wipes, and accessories like creams or baggies within reach.  Its a sturdy plastic instead of a flimsy fabric-with-cardboard-bottoms too so it'll hold up for the long haul.

The Dream Centre didn't disappoint either.  The  velour is so incredibly soft, and I'm somewhat jealous we can't climb in there ourselves.  The cushion for the head sort of 'free floats' so I do wish there was a was to secure it down, but I also like the option of being able to remove it if I needed.  There's breathable mesh on both sides near where the newborn's head rests, and the gentle angle is soothing without being unsafe or uncomfortable.  To complete the calming atmosphere of the Dream Centre, the canopy has two plush insects (lady bug and snail) dangling from the hood.  Overall its a great, elevated space for a swaddled newborn to catch some shut eye.....especially if you have pets or older siblings that are too curious to let them relax in a bouncer!

Now what truly sets this playard above the rest: machine washable fabric!  As expected, there's a lot of parts to take apart when you're wanting to wash the whole playard.  I wouldn't count this as a negative simply because of how easy it is to take all of these parts off!  Everything either slips right off like a sheet (ex: changing table), unzips right off (like the mattress or the bassinet piece), or just has to undo the velcro (like the playard itself).  Too easy!  When Buddy Doo chewed, drooled, and even spilt a sippy in the Seneca, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to it out in the washing machine!  Not only did it come out looking brand new, it reminded me how wonderful of an investment this will be for both future babies and if we decide to donate or sell years from now.

I love this playard.  I love the design.  I love the Dream Centre!! I love the Changing Table.  I even love the name - Seneca!  Hands down one of my absolute favorite review items ever, and has certainly made my list for top 3 baby must-haves (it saves space, is a great investment, and is super practical!).  There's so many neat features, both big and small, that I feel like I only scratched the surface in this review.  I didn't even mention earlier that it has a Soothing Sounds Station to lull baby to sleep, or that the bassinet actually stays on when folded/unfolded.  Oh! And you know those annoying metal circle-things you have to push to unlock a metal bar from its socket (you know, the ones that poke out to let you know the bar is locked in place)?  You know how hard they can be to push in/unlock?  Yeah, they even have this nifty contraption in the picture above (bottom right of the 7 picture collage) so that's a thing of the past!  You just push that button and wham-o! The bar is unlocked and can be pulled out! Ingenuity has gone all out with this playard.  Each of their new collections keep getting better and better, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

BUY IT:  You can find the beautiful new Seneca Collection by Ingenuity at their website.  The Washable Playard with Dream Centre featured in this review is brand new and not yet available for purchase.  It will be soon though, so stay tuned!

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  1. I've been looking at these. My newest grandchild will arrive in July so I better decide soon.