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Oh Baby, Baby! Aquascale 3-in-1 Bath Tub {Review & Giveaway}

I've teamed up with Savy Mommy Moments and Little Angel on a Mission to bring all of you our absolute must-haves for pregnancy through the first year! These products are tried and true favorites of ours, and we completely believe each and every one of them deserve a spot on your baby registry (and trust us, you'll WANT them on your registries after you check the reviews out!).  Enjoy :)

I first fell in love with this tub back in March of 2012 when browsing Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine while waiting in the Maternal/Fetal section of our hospital for an ultrasound.  By this point we've already made detours in our regular shopping visits down the baby aisles, and we weren't really impressed with the tubs available.  I mean, they weren't horrible, they were normal baby tubs....they were just plain and boring.  Some had pretty colors, most had newborn slings, and all I could think about was how uncomfortable those slings must feel against a newborn's delicate skin and how dirty and gross they probably got rather quickly.  Well, we ended up getting one of those tubs and let's just say I'm ecstatic our next baby will get to enjoy the Aqua Scale instead!

Now, this tub is huge.  Like, there's no way you're fitting this in your deep sink huge.  Don't let that fool you though, it is surprisingly light weight and even felt lighter than the cheaper tub we got at Target!  I thought the bulky size would make it inconvenient to carry up and down our stairs, but it really does seem to conceal its size in some crazy Hermione's-bag-that-could-fit-a-huge-tent-and-without-being-heavy-or-in-the-way kind of way.  I could easily see this tub working wonders for C-section recovery mommas!  It even has a convenient 'hook' on the back (tucked away underneath) so you can hang it from your shower curtain or shower head so you won't have to bend over more than you should while recovering.

So what's so great about the Aqua Scale tub and why did we pick it for this event?
Here's some quick details from the website:
  • Aqua Scale’s innovative technology records baby’s precise weight adjusting for water and movement.
  • Built in water thermometer automatically monitors bath water temperature, allowing parents to make any necessary adjustments. 
  • The unique shape of the tub and anti slip insert safely holds babies up to six months in an ideal bathing position. 
  • Once your baby can sit up, Aqua Scale converts to a toddler tub accommodating children up to two years of age.

This is the best tub you can have as a new parent.  One concern of breastfeeding moms is that their little is getting enough milk and gaining weight.  With the built-in digital scale, you can calculate your baby's precise weight and be reassured.  What's really neat is that it adjusts for water and movement, so you can get an accurate weight measurement both in and out of the water!  The Aqua Scale also stores baby's previous weight so you can easily compare, and the water thermometer actually adjusts itself automatically as the water temperature changes.  Buddy Doo sometimes likes to stay and splash a little longer, but by then the water starts to cool off more than he likes.  With the thermometer, we can add more water until he's comfortable again.

One of my favorite favorite favorite features (well, other then the '3' main ones in the '3-in-1' of course) is how the 'hook' to hang it is built-in to the frame and can't become Buddy Doo's new thing to flick around until it breaks.  Check out how easily it hangs on a single clothes hanger! Its so lightweight its not even warping it. Now compare that to its size. Amazing.

To say  this tub is easy to clean is an understatement.  All of the sling tubs have to have the slings washed and air dried.  If you don't remember to do this after every. single. bath. it'll become all nasty and mildewy (YUCK!).  With the Aqua Scale, its just a quick wipe down with a non-abrasive detergent (we recommend BabyGaniacs bathroom cleaner!) then dry with a cloth.  Takes just a couple of minutes and you're DONE.  I can't tell you how frustrating it was when forgetting to wash the sling during my brain-can't-function-on-two-hours-of-sleep newborn stage.  Even if you forget with the tub, it takes just a couple of minutes and then bathtime bubbles can begin!

Time for our weigh-in!

The Aqua Scale is a little pricey at $69.99, but honestly, look at what you get.  Its great for birth through 24 months so you certainly get your money's worth, and there's a ton of features that make your life just that much easier.  Your baby doesn't get frustrated and fussy because they're dangling above the water with feet hanging everywhere...they're sitting comfortably, arms and legs properly supported in a secure position for bathtime safety.  They're in the warm, bubbly water able to actually relax.  If you have a toddler and a newborn, the newborn insert literally pops out in two seconds allowing this tub to do double duty.  We love this tub. We rave about this tub.  It certainly deserves a spot on your registry.
Spoil yourself, you deserve it. -wink-

Buy it: You can purchase the Aquascale 3-in-1 digital scale, water thermometer, and tub at Target for only $69.99!

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