Monday, March 11, 2013

Fairhaven Health Breastfeeding Supplements Review + Giveaway!

As a first time mom, I knew I wanted to breastfeed.  I read about all of the tremendous benefits and how no formula can replicate all of the properties that are truly unique to breastmilk.  Did you know that your breastmilk adjusts itself naturally to your baby's needs?  How neat is that?  Formula can't do that, its the same from the first scoop to the last.  When Buddy Doo was born premature he wasn't able to latch.  He even had difficulty latching to a bottle and we had to use preemie nipples for a couple weeks.  I wasn't going to let this deter my decision to breastfeed, so I pumped instead (and kudos to all of you exclusively pumping mommas!  That has to be the hardest thing I've ever done.  The pumping itself is easy, but making time to pump consistently every 2-3 hours both night and day while having a husband that works as much as mine was no easy task.).  Well, one thing southern Louisiana is known for is hurricanes, and Hurricane Isaac hit our parish the hardest not even two weeks after Buddy Doo was born.....knocking out our power for over a week.  My stepfather so very kindly brought us a generator from my hometown four hours away just before the hurricane hit, but we shared it with my in-laws and I wasn't able to pump OR nurse for an entire week....during the most crucial point to establish my supply.  Needless to say, I have been battling to bring my supply up ever since.

Thank goodness for FairHaven Health!  Before, I had been popping Fenugreek pills from my local supermarket so many times a day that I had to start buying the big bottle regularly.  I replaced my coffee and Dr. Pepper addiction that carried over from my college days with water, water, and more water.  Practically every meal had oatmeal in it in some form, and a mug of Mother's Milk Tea was in my hand at least three times a day.  Some people love it, but there wasn't enough honey in the world to make me enjoy the flavor.  I knew what's best for Buddy Doo though, so I choked it down and did what ever I could to set him on the right path for a healthier life.  I did see improvement, but if I missed even just one of my many daily routines, my supply would drop dramatically again and it would take another week to get it back where it was.  Before the hurricane, I was pumping 5-9 oz every 2-3 hours.  After the hurricane, I was pumping .5oz.  Half an  It broke my heart every time I pumped, but I kept pushing myself.  Once Buddy Doo was able to latch everything got easier and my supply jumped to 2 oz, but by that point I had already 'established' my supply so I wasn't expected to get much higher.

Here's my 'before' picture of some of my supply stash before FairHaven Health.  As you can see, my supply had established itself at a rather low amount.  The higher 2.75 oz in the below picture was actually because I was an hour or so late on being able to pump.

Here's my 'after' FairHaven Health picture! It says 5 oz, but it was really about 4.25 oz.  Either way, I was ecstatic!  For three weeks I took their Fenugreek daily and their nursing blend-breastfeeding supplement, kept up my 'glass of water in hand always', and get this....omitted the oatmeal and Mother's Milk Tea!  That's right, I no longer had to torture myself with well, what wasn't exactly my cup of tea.  I found that the  reason for my success was the quality of the supplements I am now taking, not the quantity.

For my review, I was sent their Fenugreek, Nursing Blend-Breastfeeding Supplements, and Nipple Nurture Balm.  I have tried three different Fenugreeks before Fairhaven Health's, and if you think they are all the same.....well, you're wrong.  The Fenugreek I was taking from my local supermarket recommended taking 1-3 softgels about three times a day.  The Fenugreek from Fairhaven Health is concentrated and natural, allowing me both to take less daily and see a higher boost in my supply.  Fenugreek is safe for both short-term and long-term use, and you can start seeing benefits in just two days!  Whether you have an established supply or have just started breastfeeding, I highly recommend adding their Fenugreek to your routine.  Trust me, every extra little bit helps. Why their Fenugreek is special:

Unlike other available Fenugreek supplements which can require taking up to 8 capsules per day, Fairhaven Health's Fenugreek contains a unique blend of organic Fenugreek Seed Powder, along with a concentrated Fenugreek Seed Powder extract (8:1), delivering a dose equivalent to 2000 mg of standard fenugreek seed powder in just 2 vegetarian capsules each day.

My supermarket Fenugreek is on the left, and Fairhaven Health's is on the right.  I love it when a company isn't 'hiding' something and you can see the naturalness of their product as clear as day.

Like most breastfeeding mothers are advised to do, I continued my prenatal multivitamins after pregnancy.  Breastmilk is chock full of nutrients your little one needs, and they have to get it from somewhere!  Just like during pregnancy when you were advised to take a supplement because the baby will sap it from your body otherwise, same goes with breastmilk.  Plus, you want your breastmilk to be quality breastmilk as well as quantity.  Just like prenatal vitamins are specialized for your body's needs when pregnant, the Nurture-Blend Breastfeeding Supplement caters to the lactating mother.  

The Nurture-Blend Breastfeeding Supplements provide more essentials than a prenatal vitamin. Because they are specifically designed for nursing mothers, they have 100% daily value of most vitamins and minerals as well as extra amounts of those known to be especially important for lactating women: 700% daily value of Vitamin D and 200% Daily Value of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and biotin.  They also include fenugreek and fennel seed to increase milk production, and chamomile and anise for calming affects for both mom and baby.  Like their Fenugreek supplements, their Nurture Blend is all-natural and safe - containing no artficial dyes or colors, flavors, or preservatives.  

The last item I reviewed was the Nipple Nurture Balm.  I was given a lot of lanolin-based nipple cream at my baby shower, but I have found I prefer using the sticky balm for prepping my upcycled wool diaper covers.  I have never really used nipple cream as intended, and was kind of nervous it would leave my bra and reusable nursing pads greasy.  Buddy Doo has always been very gentle when nursing, and for that I am very thankful.  Sometimes though, especially when he's sick or teething, he wants to use me as a pacifier...all day and night.  Now that wears me out and will definitely leave me sore!  The nipple nurture balm worked wonders.  It soothes, protects, and also heals sore and cracked nipples.  It almost felt like a cooling relief gel when I spread it on.  The 1.5 oz container may not seem like much, but because it goes on smooth and isn't sticky you can use a lot less at a time and there's no waste.  It is lanolin-free and has no harsh chemicals or additives which is a VERY important quality I look for in a product that will come in direct contact with my son's mouth.  Like both products mentioned earlier, the nurture nipple balm is also made from all-natural organic ingredients that are safe for both baby and mother.  I wasn't exactly fond of the smell, but I would much rather put up with a funky smell than have added artificial fragrance!

All three products- the Fenugreek supplements, Nurture Blend Breastfeeding Supplements, and Nurture Nipple Balm- have received an average of 4.5-5 stars in total reviews.  I find this amazing.  When it comes to breastfeeding, mothers don't recommend just 'okay' products, they recommend the best. For all three products to have such high reviews, you know you can't expect greater anywhere else.  For as long as I continue to be a breastfeeding mother, both now and in the future, I will always recommend Fairhaven Health!

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